7 Questions & Answers on Purple Shampoo



What is the Best Purple Shampoo?

Well, here we answer the 7 leading questions on purple shampoo to help you understand what's best for you. 


1) What Is Purple Shampoo?
Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo that releases purple pigment into the hair, to help eliminate unwanted brassiness from blonde, grey or platinum shades. Purple shampoo helps extend the amount of time between salon visits or toning. On the colour wheel used for hair colouring, purple is opposite to yellow, which is why it is able to neutralize the tone without changing the hair colour.

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2) What Does Purple Shampoo Do?
Purple shampoo, when lathered resales purple pigment into with hair to help revive the ashy, cool tone in blonde, grey or platinum shades, while removing the underlying yellow/gold pigment.

3) How Do You Use Purple Shampoo?
Purple shampoo is used in place of regular shampoo for the day. When using a purple shampoo, it is best to get a generous lather, and to lather the hair until the suds begin to fade to white. Lathering purple shampoo allows the pigment to penetrate further into the hair for more vibrant results.

4) When Should You Use Purple Shampoo?
Purple shampoo is best used once a week; however, it differs person to person depending on the shade of hair, lightness of hair, and desired results. Overuse of purple shampoo will cause your hair to become dry and over pigmented. You can also use toning styling products to extend the vibrancy of the hair.

5) What Is the Difference Between Purple and Blue Shampoo?
Purple Shampoo is a purple pigmented shampoo and is based with red and blue, it tones the hair to a nice cool tone and is best on lighter shades of hair. Blue shampoo is a blue pigmented shampoo, it is based with PURE

6) Is it Safe to Use Purple Shampoo on Other Shades of Hair?
It is safe to use Purple Shampoo on other shades of hair that are not blonde, grey or platinum shades. Light brown shades may also use purple shampoo to combat brassy tones in their hair. For the darker shades of brown hair, it’s recommended to use blue shampoo as it contains more pigment to combat the darker tones within the hair. You can use a purple shampoo on red, copper, or auburn hair to also neutralize unwanted brassy tones.

7) Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?
There is a lot of controversy regarding purple shampoo on dry hair. Yes, hypothetically you could use Purple Shampoo on dry hair, this will cause the purple shampoo to act more as a toner, as it will most likely deposit more pigment. However, this is also dangerous, because it may deposit too much pigment, and cause the hair to turn grey, or green. Most often purple shampoo can be very drying, using this method would not counter act the dryness of the purple shampoo, but again you risk drying out your hair more. A much more recommended approach would be to try a toning hair mask instead, as they are formulated to be left on the hair for longer periods of time.