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Frequently Asked Questions

"Shipping Address": Where you are sending your order.

"Billing Address": The address that is officially and currently linked with your credit card.

If these two addresses are different, then you must select "Use a different billing address" at checkout..

If you recently moved then your credit card is likely still registered with your old address for its "billing address".

Also, if you are sending your order somewhere else then your current home, then your shipping address will be different from your "billing address".

In both cases is is very important that you select "Use a different billing address" at checkout.



We do not have a physical store. All purchases are via our online store. We are a Canadian Family business, and we ship across Canada from Toronto.


Nous n'avons pas de magasin physique. Tous les achats se font via notre boutique en ligne. Nous sommes une entreprise familiale canadienne et nous livrons partout au Canada à partir de Toronto.

See the latest shipping information here / Voir les dernières informations d'expédition ici  :

See the latest shipping information here / Voir les dernières informations d'expédition ici  :

You reach us by calling 1-866-999-8969 OR by emailing OR using our online chat service. We are available Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM (Eastern Time)


Vous pouvez nous contacter au 1-866-999-8969 OU nous écrire à OU en utilisant notre service de clavardage en ligne. Nous sommes à votre disposition du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 17h (Heure de l'Est)

Our online shop is always open. For customer support, our business hours are 9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday, Eastern Time.


Notre boutique en ligne est toujours ouverte. Pour le service à la clientèle, nos heures d'ouverture sont de 9h à 17h du lundi au vendredi, heure de l'Est.

No. We will never sell you or ship to you a used product.

It is a foundational principle that never sells used or refurbished products. All the products that we sell and ship are fully new and authentic. We typically do not even open the boxes of products that we receive. We ship products just as we receive them, just as they are when they leave the manufacturer.

Also to note: All the manufacturers of shavers, clippers, and trimmers (such as Wahl, Oster, Andis, BaBylissPRO) prepare and test such devices before sending them to us. Very often, as a result of this process of preparation, lubrication, test cutting on synthetic fibers, and cloth wipe down, you may find light synthetic fibers being present on the device or in the packaging, extra lubricant oil on parts of the device or even sometimes accidental fingerprints from the manufacturing staff. If this is observed you should not be concerned, and the synthetic cut fibers or wipe down cloth lint should not be mistaken for hairs. The device is safe for use. (When a product is actually used to cut hair, the hair on the device is unmistakable.)

In fact, certain manufacturers observe this enough that they include a card inside the product box to explain this ... like this card example here from Wahl:

Example Card from Manufacturer


Non. Nous ne vous vendrons ni ne vous enverrons jamais un produit d'occasion.

C'est un principe fondamental que ne vend jamais de produits usagés ou remis à neuf. Tous les produits que nous vendons et expédions sont entièrement neufs et authentiques. En général, nous n'ouvrons même pas les boîtes de produits que nous recevons. Nous expédions les produits tels que nous les recevons, tels qu'ils sont lorsqu'ils quittent le fabricant.

A noter également : Tous les fabricants de rasoirs, tondeuses et tondeuses (tels que Wahl, Oster, Andis, BaBylissPRO) préparent et testent de tels appareils avant de nous les envoyer. Très souvent, à la suite de ce processus de préparation, de lubrification, de test de coupe sur des fibres synthétiques et d'essuyage avec un chiffon, vous pouvez trouver des fibres synthétiques légères présentes sur l'appareil ou dans l'emballage, de l'huile lubrifiante supplémentaire sur des parties de l'appareil ou même parfois des empreintes digitales accidentelles du personnel de fabrication. Si cela est observé, vous ne devriez pas vous inquiéter, et les fibres synthétiques coupées ou les peluches du chiffon ne doivent pas être confondues avec des poils. L'appareil est sûr à utiliser. (Lorsqu'un produit est réellement utilisé pour couper les cheveux, les cheveux sur l'appareil sont indéniables.)

En fait, certains fabricants observent cela suffisamment pour inclure une carte à l'intérieur de la boîte du produit pour expliquer cela... comme cet exemple de carte ici de Wahl :

Exemple de carte du fabricant

Here are the steps on how to convert your collected Rewards Points into a discount code for a future purchase:

1) Click on the red gift icon that floats a the bottom left of the screen on our Website

2) Enter your email address (the one used for your past purchases) and click "Sign in"

3) The system will send you a secure email to access your account.

4) Open this new email and click the button inside that says "Show me my rewards"

5) The button will bring you back to and show you how many Rewards Points you have collected.

6) Click on the top item "Ways to redeem"

7) Next to "Order discount" click "View"

8) For each set of 100 Points you can have $1 off. Select the amount of points you want to convert to dollars and click Redeem.

9) The system will convert your points to a discount code. When you checkout, enter the code to apply the discount to your cart.


• Discount codes can NOT be combined with each other. Only one discount code per order.

• The minimum order size to use your Rewards Points code is $60.


Voici les étapes à suivre pour convertir vos points Rewards collectés en un code de réduction pour un futur achat :

1) Cliquez sur l'icône cadeau rouge qui flotte en bas à gauche de l'écran sur notre site Web

2) Entrez votre adresse e-mail (celle utilisée pour vos achats passés) et cliquez sur "Connexion"

3) Le système vous enverra un e-mail sécurisé pour accéder à votre compte.

4) Ouvrez ce nouvel e-mail et cliquez sur le bouton à l'intérieur qui dit "Montre-moi mes récompenses"

5) Le bouton vous ramènera à et vous montrera combien de points de récompense vous avez accumulés.

6) Cliquez sur l'élément du haut "Moyens d'échanger"

7) À côté de "Réduction de commande", cliquez sur "Afficher"

8) Pour chaque série de 100 points, vous pouvez bénéficier d'une réduction de 1 $. Sélectionnez le nombre de points que vous souhaitez convertir en dollars et cliquez sur Échanger.

9) Le système convertira vos points en un code de réduction. Lors du paiement, entrez le code pour appliquer la réduction à votre panier.


• Les codes de réduction ne peuvent PAS être combinés entre eux. Un seul code de réduction par commande.

• Le montant minimum de commande pour utiliser votre code de points de récompense est de 60 $.


It is certainly alarming when you try to place an online order and the transaction fails, but you still see a charge appear within your online credit card statement.

Rest assured that no funds were actually transferred to us if the transaction and order attempt failed.

This phenomenon may happen from time to time if the credit card or debit-credit card you're using is flagged by our 3rd party payment processing system (Shopify), due to a security issue.

 The vast majority of the time, your order is declined in such cases because the postal code entered does not match what is officially registered with the credit card company. Not all eCommerce sites will check for credit card postal code validity, but due to a number of people trying to use stolen credit cards on our site in the past, we have now activated a protection feature on our Shopify eCommerce site that will decline charges that fail the AVS postal code verification.

In some instances when the credit card charge is declined, customers note that a pending charge appears to have been added on their credit card (when they examine their online statement). We can assure you that in such cases no charge or payment was received or processed on our end.

In such cases, your bank may display the purchase amount briefly as pending, typically for no more than 2 hours (in very rare cases, this can take up to 48 business hours). This temporary display of the purchase amount or a "pending" amount has nothing to do with us, and is entirely a practice of certain banks when credit card charges are attempted. Universally, with each and all such cases that we have ever seen, soon after the purchase attempt has failed, the charge is automatically reversed back to your card. (Remember, this actually has nothing to do with us.) We can't say for sure how long the pending charge will appear, since this only occurs between the bank and the card holder, and each bank seems to handle such cases differently.

If you wish to purchase from our website, we kindly suggest the use of a different card or be sure that the security code and postal code used for the "billing address" (which may be different than the shipping address) are in fact what is registered with the credit card company.

If you do not see the charge reversed on your credit card within 24 hours, please contact us, and we will help to resolve any further issues (however, to date we have never seen a charge, linked with a failed attempt, that is not soon automatically reversed). Don't worry, we are not going anywhere, and we are always here to help.


If you recently moved and your credit card is likely still be registered with your old address, or if you are sending your order to an address that is different from your billing address, then you will have to select "Use a different billing address" at checkout.