Red Hair Colour Breakdown & 2020 Year End Hair Trends

Some Semi-Permanent Hair Colours to Consider
for Solo or Mixed Use for Fall & Winter:
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RedFushia | Violet | Wine  | Brown

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Holiday Hair Trends

It's the end of another year, and you may find yourself asking, what do I do with my hair now? It’s time for a change. 

Your hearts break as the year approaches its end, beaches and blondes in the rear view window. Or maybe you’re excited because you love the holiday season, all things cozy and pumpkin spiced! You may find yourself asking, what do I do with my hair now? It’s time for a change.

 We understand with all the uncertainty that lies ahead with COVID-19, salon visits are not what they used to be. Now we worry about up-keep and time between salon visits – or the unmentionable, another shutdown. With all this on your mind it’s no wonder you’re asking yourself what hair colour is best for fall? What hair colours are in style for the holiday season? We’re here to help answer those questions.

Fall and winter colour trends develop from the warmth of natural fall hues. While the temperature may start to get cold, the colours often associated with fall are yellow, red, and orange. In the hair world, the warm tones are the reds, coppers, and golds, to name a few. These tones will range in colours from darkest browns, to lightest blondes. 

 A time-honored classic for fall has always been red hair. Red hair does not just mean bright red hair, instead it refers to several different shades on the spectrum of red. Which includes, dark red hair, light red hair, and auburn hair which is a blend of red and brown. Red hair can be hard to maintain, depending on how bright it is, using a good colour depositing mask like the Revlon Nutricolor Creme, will effortlessly help extend the vibrancy of your hair!

Now of course copper is also very popular for fall, for those who like to be more subtle or natural looking. Copper, while it is a colour on its own, and can be done to be a very bright intense copper, can also be used to create more simple shades like Strawberry Blonde. Copper tends to be an easy colour to maintain, as long as you are using a proper sulfate-free shampoo, and a Para-ban Free Conditioner. 

Burgundy hair, also known as “wine” or “red wine”, is a very flattering and bold colour for fall. Burgundy is a combination of brown and purple tones in the hair, and tends to be flattering on all skin types. 

Finally, caramel hair colour is such a beautiful subtle warm tone. Caramel is created when you combine brown and gold tones into the hair, the result is a stunning colour, especially flattering on an olive skin tone. While caramel is such a flattering colour on all, it will give a more sun-kissed appearance, when put against olive skin as the gold in the caramel cancels out the green in the skin, to brighten the olive complexion.


Maintaining Red Hair | 3 Approaches

Every hair colour requires maintenance if you wish to maintain a healthy vibrant colour, there are effortless ways to do this;

    1.  Switching to a Sulfate-Free Shampoo
      Suflates are very harsh on your hair, and strip your hair’s natural oils. Which will not only remove the colour, but leave your hair feeling dry and fragile. 

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    2. Using a Toning Mask to Refresh Hair Colour
      There are multiple benefits from a toning mask, the strongest being, depositing colour, while conditioning the hair. This will not only make your hair look good, but feel amazing too! As mentioned previously in the article the Revlon Nutri colour Creme is an amazing option, enriched with pro-vitamin B5, and grape-seed oil, these colour depositing hair masks are specifically formulated to refresh colour or create fantasy shades, without damaging the hair. There’re 15 shades to choose from, and they are inter-mixable so you can create any colour your heart desires!  

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    3. Using a Semi-Permanent Colour 
      If you have a Fashion Shade, or a natural shade, semi-permanent is always an option. Semi-permanent is a deposit-only, temporary hair colour that stains the hair for about 4-6 weeks. Being a deposit-only colour means there is no mixing, no developer, and best of all no harsh chemicals. While semi-permanent colours are often fashion shades, there are natural shades available. Oligo FunkHue semi-permanent Hair Colour has a unique technology that prevents excessive bleeding, staining and fading. No developer required. With intermixable shades there are endless creative possibilities! With vibrant results up to 12 shampoos. 

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RedFushia | Violet | Wine  | Brown