Bamboo Toothbrush 5 Pack by Sasellie a Canadian Company - Charcoal Infused - Eco-friendly - Biodegradable
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5 PACK - Bamboo Toothbrush by Sasellie,
a Canadian Family Business

Charcoal Infused - Eco-friendly - Biodegradable

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Better Teeth. Better World.

  • Our bamboo toothbrushes are an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastic toothbrushes.
  • The charcoal infused bristles help remove plaque & stains for fresher breath and a brighter smile.
  • Recent studies have found that charcoal toothbrushes have fewer bacteria on them, approximately 50% less, than regular toothbrushes after 1 week of use*.
  • We have coated the bottom of our bamboo toothbrushes with eco-friendly water based paint to minimize the absorption of water.
  • The bamboo handles are entirely biodegradable and the bristles can be recycled.
  • Our packaging is completely biodegradable.
  • Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.

* Comparison of Bacterial Contamination and Antibacterial Efficacy in Bristles of Charcoal Toothbrushes versus Noncharcoal Toothbrushes: A Microbiological Study - Click for details as published via the United States National Library of Medicine

Important to remember:

  1. Dental care products have a significant affect on the environment
  2. Billions of toothbrushes and floss are made with plastic that comes from crude oil
  3. These products are indestructible, which basically means that every toothbrush you’ve ever used is still sitting out there somewhere.
  4. Plastic dental floss also ends up in our oceans

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