5 Tips for Selecting a Hand Sanitizer in Canada

 With the Covid-10 pandemic changing the way of life and demanding more diligence in sanitization across Canada, the choices available for hand sanitizer can make things tricky, especially when not all hand sanitizers are made equal. Here are 5 tips to help Canadians choose the best hand sanitizer. 

1) Look for a Health Canada NPN Number
Interestingly, many hand sanitizer products we find in the market are not recommended by Health Canada. To ensure that a hand sanitizer is Health Canada approved, look for an official NPN number. This number means that the product in question has been carefully reviewed and meets the government's health and safety standards - very important now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hand sanitizers without the Health Canada NPN number risk offering lower efficacy or even sub-optimal compositions. In fact, just recently Health Canada recalled more hand sanitizers sold in Canadian shops that contained harmful types of alcohol (a never ending validation process carried out by our government). 

To be sure, check the regularly updated list of Health Canada approved hand sanitizers.

2) Look for 60% Alcohol, At Least
For proper sanitizing of protection against Covid-19, Health Canada recommends the use of a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. So, make sure to check this on the label of the sanitization products you purchase. The ideal range tends to be between 65% and 75%.

3) Avoid Homemade Hand Sanitizer
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Health Canada has investigated and made an explicit advisory against the use of homemade hand sanitizers. This is the case even for reputable sources (i.e. the formula popularized by the WHO - World Health Organization). This is because homemade hand sanitizer introduces a variety of allergy, skin irritation and efficacy issues due to the lack of an approved control environment for production.

4) Look for Moisturizing Ingredients
Although alcohol is necessary for hand sanitizer to do its job in killing Covid-19, the natural downside of this ingredient is that it will soon dry out your hands if used alone. Look for hand sanitizers with healthy moisturizes added, such as Vitamin E. This will allow for the multiple daily applications that we are asked to do, while maintaining healthy skin. 

5) Consider a Spray Hand Sanitizer
The most common form for a hand sanitizer is gel, however other formats may prove useful in varied situations. For example, a spray version of a hand sanitizer can also be used to disinfect other items while on the go ... such as steering wheels, toys, shopping cart handles and so on.


 Click for here some Health Canada Approved hand sanitizers, with moisturizer!