Loma Essentials Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Wash 1000 mL - Cleanse, Invigorate & Nourish your Scalp, Hair & Skin
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Loma Essentials Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Wash to Nourish Scalp, Hair & Skin

1000 mL



  • Refreshing for hair and scalp
  • Peppermint for scalp invigoration
  • Visibly reduces buildup
  • Strengthens hair
  • Repairs and restores and hydrates the hair and scalp
  • Innovative conditioning formula, detangles and adds shine
  • Provides thermal protection and frizz control
  • Reduces dry or oily scalp
  • Decreases itch and irritation
  • Color, highlighted and keratin safe
  • Protectants against heat, free radicals and environmental damage


  • Refreshing body wash
  • Luxurious lather and a light clean after-feel
  • Vitamin rich creamy formula enriched to promote and protect healthy skin
  • Anti-inflammatory, clarifying antioxidant



Use as shampoo: Wet hair, apply 1 to 2 pumps, lather then rinse and follow with LOMA Essentials Moisturizing Conditioner.
Use as healthy scalp treatment: Massage vigorously into the scalp, leave for 2–3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Use as body wash: Apply desired amount onto wet shower pouf or wash cloth. Work into lather, then rinse.

Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Aromatherapy



  • Formulated with pure essential oils, organic aloe vera & custom extract blends and proteins
  • Vegan & sustainable formulas
  • Never any animal testing
  • Free of silicone, soy, sulfates, parabens and phthalates
  • Lightweight formula for healthy scalp, hair & skin
  • Rich in Vitamins C, B, E, A, and K


  • Organic Aloe Vera - Gentle restorative for hair, scalp, and skin. Calms inflammation. Moisturizing. Protectant.
  • Organic Glycerin – A vegetable base hydrator to the hair & skin.
  • Organic Turmeric Extract - Promotes soft, healthy skin and hair. Moisturizing. Anti-inflammatory.
  • Organic Thyme Extract - Creates a healthy environment for the skin, scalp and hair. Clarifying. Antioxidant. Rich in Vitamin C.
  • Organic Rosemary Extract - Protects against free radicals and environmental damage. Antioxidant.
  • Organic Chamomile Extract - Reduces inflammation and irritation in skin and hair.
  • Organic Arnica Extract - Soothes itching and irritation. Promotes healthy roots.
  • Celery Seed Extract - Promotes scalp purity and comfort. Soothes itch and reduces oil. Moisturizing. Rich in Vitamins B, C and E.
  • Kale Protein - Rich in natural Vitamin C. Strengthen dry skin. Natural collagen, vitamins and minerals.
  • Lemon Protein - Aids in absorption of moisture. Rich in Vitamin C. Antioxidant.
  • Carrot protein - Antioxidant. Rich in Vitamins A, C, K, B-6. Promotes overall skin health.
  • Organic Baobab Oil - Nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes. Repairs damage. Heat protectant. Anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant.  Builds strength.
  • Organic Coconut Oil - Antioxidant. Protectant. Moisturizing. Deep conditioner to hair & skin.
  • Panthenol - Rich in Vitamin B-5. Moisturizing.
  • Tocopherol – Vitamin E hydrates the skin & encourages hair growth.


Part of the LOMA Essentials Collection with Healthy Scalp Complex

Cleanse, Invigorate & Nourish your Scalp, Hair & Skin
For all hair and skin types

Formulated with pure essential oils, organic aloe vera & custom extract blends and proteins. Vegan and sustainable formulas, free of silicone, soy, sulfate, parabens and phthalates.

Moisturize, Strengthen, Protect, Repair and Soothe

Three new products now available from Loma, with head-to-toe benefits! Try all three for our simple scalp treatment.

Loma products are Aloe Vera gel based

Loma products have:

  • NO Sulfates
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Glutens
  • NO Sodium Chloride
  • NO Soy