Sale Zero Fuss Coarse/Frizzy Hair Primer 5 oz
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  • No Heat! Style in less time!
  • Weightless leave-in conditioner & detangler
  • Equalizes porosity & creates a smooth surface for styling product to absorb evenly
  • Controls frizz, fights humidity & delivers shine
  • Can be used on damp hair after washing or on dry hair to refresh style
  • For coarse and frizzy hair types


  • Creates a smooth surface on the hair.
  • Controls frizz and delivers shine.


  • Day 1: Apply to towel-dried hair. Air-dry.
  • Day 2: Apply to dry hair to refresh and revitalize style.


If your hair is color treated/highlighted or if you have uneven areas of dryness throughout your hair, start with Zero Fuss® Hair Primer before applying any other product! Skipping this step is like skipping your makeup primer. Your foundation and concealer will go on without it, but they will seep deeper into rough, dryer areas of your face, leaving a blotchy, uneven appearance! Same with your hair! Your styling product of choice will seep deeper into those damaged hair sites, giving you inconsistent results! Hair Primer will equalize porosity, replenish moisture to those dry, damaged areas and give you a flawlessly smooth surface to apply product on! Use this formula if you have coarse or frizzy texture!