The Decent Man's Grooming Tools Non-Sewing Kit - For Repair Of Missing Buttons & Loose Ends
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Vendor: Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Replaces missing shirt and pant buttons. Repairs pants and jacket hems.

Instant stick-on shirt buttons

When a button falls off, replace it with a new stick-on button in seconds.  No one will know!

Instant pin-on pant button

Ate too much food and your button popped off? Adjust your pants with the pin-on button. Looks like the real thing!

Hem tape

Pant or jacket hem fall down? Stick a piece of tape on the fallen hem to repair. Looks brand new.


Repair missing buttons and loose ends.

For a quick fix! Non-sewing kit. Because we don’t sew.

  • 4 instant stick-on shirt buttons
  • 1 instant pin-on pant button
  • 5 hem tape strips