Luseta Keratin Mask 500 mL - For Damaged & Dry Hair
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The Keratin Hair Mask uses the keratin protein to create a nourishing treatment that gives the hair back its strength and moisture. The strands become smoother and less frizzy. Plus, the mask helps to repair any breakage. It is suitable for hair that is chemically treated or color treated as well as natural hair. The Keratin Hair Mask will leave the hair looking more youthful while feeling soft and smooth.

  • Nourishes hair with Keratin Protein
  • Strengthens and moisturizes hair while repairing breakage
  • Makes hair smoother, softer, and less frizzy
  • Recommend for chemically-treated hair

How To Use: Use after shampooing. Squeeze out excess water from hair. Spread evenly onto damp hair and massage into hair from root to end. Rinse thoroughly.