Luseta Curl Enhancing Coconut Oil Conditioner 1 L - Define Curls & Restore Bounce - For All Curl Types
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The Luseta Curl Enhancing Coconut Oil Conditioner adds intense moisture to all types of curly hair. It penetrates deep into the hair strands to soften and condition the hair while adding definition and bounce to the curls. You will get soft and easy to manage curls, and the Coconut Oil Conditioner won’t weigh your hair down. Plus, it gently detangles which helps prevent breakage when combing and brushing.

  • Sulfate, phosphate & paraben free
  • Adds intense moisture
  • Softens and conditions all types of curly hair
  • Adds definition to waves and curls
  • Detangles to make hair easier to manage
  • Helps prevent breakage

How To Use: Use after shampooing. Squeeze out excess water from hair. Spread evenly onto damp hair and massage into hair from root to end. Rinse thoroughly.