Framar Triple Threat Set - Strawberry Shortcake - 3 Detail Hair Colour Brushes
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Framar Triple Threat Set - Strawberry Shortcake

Set of 3 Hair Colour Detail Brushes - Pink Gingham, Red Berry Pattern, Green Gingham

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love gingham!

The berry sweetest detail brushes, designed to make the most intricate work feel like a picnic for you and your client!

  • These brushes can tackle that detail work with ease. Perfect for root tapping, precise blends, and babylights.
  • Framar's famous AccuSoft bristles are tapered to pick up and distribute color to hair evenly, quickly and precisely.
  • Strawberry and gingham illustrated brushes, picked fresh from the Framar patch to make detail work feel like a breeze this summer!