BCL SPA Massage Cream - Lemongrass & Green Tea - 473 mL
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This smooth massage cream glides with an easy absorbency as it heals and protects hands, feet & body. Step 1 : Lemongrass & Green Tea Dead Sea Salt Soak ( SPA50002 ), Step 2 : Lemongrass & Green Tea Sugar Scrub ( SPA50003 ) and Step 3 : Lemongrass & Green Tea Moisture Mask  ( SPA50003 ). Also available in 8 oz ( SPA51206 ) and 64 oz ( SPA50006 ).

Naturally treats skin blemishes and repairs sun damage for visibly improved brightness and texture. Skin irritations are soothed and excess oil is purified.

Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic, regulates the skin's oil secretion and minimizes pores. Green Tea neutralizes free radicals and reverses the skin's sun damage.