Andis Blade Care Plus 7 in 1 - 16 oz. (472.3 mL)
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Andis Blade Care Plus® Dip Jar

Keep your blades factory fresh so you can keep on creating.

Art creates limitless possibilities. Keep your tools ready with a premium jar of Blade Care Plus® in tranquil sea blue. Enriched with essential Vitamin E, this ultra-versatile seven-in-one formula is eco-safe for humans and animals. Cool, deodorize, lubricate, clean and prevent rust––all with one quick dip. Pour a small amount of Blade Care Plus into the jar’s lid or bowl. Gently immerse your blade under the liquid’s surface. Run your clipper for five seconds to rinse away excess hair and other buildup. Prepare any detachable blade for the innovative journey ahead with Blade Care Plus Dip.


This product functions:

  • Coolant
  • Deodorizer
  • Lubricant
  • Cleaner
  • Rust Preventative
  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Human/Animal Eco-safe Formula
  • Product comes in a 16-ounce dip


How to use :

- With the clipper running, submerge the blade only into the liquid for 10 seconds, allowing hair and debris to be loosened. Remove from solution, wipe blades dry and apply clipper oil for further lubrication.

- Do not submerge any other part of the machine