What is Wet Shaving? The Basics of Traditional Wet Shaving Answered

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What is Wet Shaving?
The Basics of Traditional Wet Shaving Answered

Guest Contributor: Scott. AKA The Canuck Shaver


For many men, shaving is just a mundane part of their routine. Something they have to do for work or just because they don’t enjoy having facial hair. For years I was in the same boat. I had patchy facial hair, and couldn’t really grow a full beard if I tried. However I hated shaving. Whether with a disposable, a fancy multi blade razor or even an expensive electric razor, I just found it to be a chore.


Then one day while browsing YouTube I saw a video that changed how I looked at shaving and turned me into a traditional wet shaving enthusiast and advocate. Many of you may now be wondering what Wet Shaving / Traditional wet shaving is and I am here to answer the most asked questions I get on the topic.


1) What is Wet Shaving?

As the name says Wet shaving is the usage of water to help shave. However, for what we are going to talk about it’s actually the use of water with a shaving soap or cream and usage of a shaving brush to produce the lather.


2) What Do I Need to Start Wet Shaving?

The basic tools to get started are a shaving soap/cream, a shaving brush, and a razor. The most common razors for traditional wet shaving would be a straight razor, single edge razor or double edge safety razor.


3) Is It Easy to Learn?

Some pick it up extremely quickly while others take it slow. The key is to watch lots of videos before attempting your first wet shave. Especially if you choose to use a straight razor to start. Safety razors are far more lenient with mistakes when starting out.  However after a handful of shaves it becomes easier and more enjoyable.


4) Does a Traditional Wet Shave Give Better Results Shave than with a Cartridge Razor?

In my opinion yes! Far more goes into prepping the face for a traditional wet shave–and also doing multiple passes helps remove more hair which makes the skin feel far smoother in every direction. That being said you can use a cartridge razor along with a shaving soap and brush and get an awesome shave as well.


5) What is the Key to a successful Wet Shave?

Without a doubt beard mapping is key in my opinion. Beard mapping is the process of taking note of the direction in which your facial hair grows.  Shaving with the grain is how every wet shave starts. If you don’t know which way your facial hair grows  then shaving with the grain could be problematic and lead to irritation.



Hi, I am Scott. AKA The Canuck Shaver and I have been an avid wet shaver for approximately 10 years. I have a YouTube channel where I do shaving videos, reviews and unboxings of  men’s grooming and style products.  I am transparent in my reviews and try to cater to new wet shavers as much as wet shavers who are looking for the newest and best products available.

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