Product Review – Infashion Curl

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Product Review - Infashion Curl

Do you love all day curls? Do you sometimes you just layer the hairspray on hoping to lock in the style for the day?

Were all pretty much guilty for this, we have somewhere to be, we want our hair to look its best, and we didn’t spend all that time (and burns) to walk out the door and have the wind blow our curls away. Now we can put down the hair spray, and the heat mitts, infashion has released a new curling iron that is a game changer!

Its called the Infashion Curl, this curling iron contains a new Japanese technology that combines hot and cold for styling. The curling iron is shaped like a closed flat iron, with a button you press to open the plates, and insert your hair, then you simple twist and glide the curling iron down your hair. This shape and design makes the curling iron very user friendly, when the iron is on at full heat, any where you touch on the outside is not hot! No more burned ears, or fingers!

The unique part of this curling iron is the heat and cold elements, while it does have five heat setting going all the way up to 430 ° F (221 ° C), it also has fans on the outside of the curling iron blowing cool air to instantly cool the hair, locking in the curl. Your curls will last all day! Heat opens the cuticle, allowing the hair to be susceptible to styling, normally the cuticle will slowly close, this is what causes your curls to fall throughout the day, using the cooling technology the cuticle is closed instantly, locking in the curl for a longer lasting bouncy curl.

At first glance with this thing I was very skeptical, I have been curling my hair with a flat iron for years, so why do I need this? Well little did I know, this curling iron is much easier to use, not in the sense, you put your hair in and its curled, more in the sense of the little irritating things that happen when your curling your hair with a flat iron don't happen with this.

A few struggles I have with using my flat iron to curl is burning my fingers, which I already touch on, as the plates are closed into the curling iron it is very hard to burn your fingers, or ears. Another huge irritating one is when my hair slides between the plates, and some of my hair wont get curled, or it will be half curled, and I really hope I’m not alone on this struggle. Upside, the plates are closed in, I noticed it was harder for my hair to slide as the plates get a better grip on the hair, even when my hair did slide, it still curled nicely, I didn't have to go over the section again.

The only downside I see to this new tool is I don’t like the way it straightens. The manufacturer doesn't say its meant for straightening, but obviously you can use it, it does make your hair straight, but due to its design, its very bumpy, tends to look more like a blow out. Some people may love that, it really puts In the volume, however I’m more partial to just straight hair.

My overall review of this item, it is a great new tool to have, its very innovative, its lighter and faster to use than a flat iron or standard curling iron. Its really interesting when it heats up, and you hear the fans turn on, and you know its going to lock in that curl for you, and you don't need to put your hair through so much stress of heat, and layers of hair spray anymore!