Upgraded BabylissPro GoldFX+ USB-C Trimmer & Bonus Case - FX787NG - FXX3CASE2
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Vendor: BaBylissPRO Barberology
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New & Upgraded

BaBylissPRO GoldFX+ USB-C Trimmer - FX787NG 
+ BONUS Case (FXX3CASE2 Value $24.99)

All Metal Lithium Outlining Hair & Beard Trimmer

The BaBylissPRO GOLDFX+ Outlining Hair Trimmer is a professional, all metal, cord/cordless lithium outlining hair trimmer. Featuring an exposed T-blade with 360 degree views & upgraded N1 brushless motor with dual ball bearings for efficiency.

NEW: Upgraded N1 Brushless Motor

  • Dual Bearings for More Efficiency
  • 7,200 RPM/14,400 SPM
  • Longer life

NEW: Upgraded Battery

  • Up to 4 Hours of Runtime
  • High-Performance Lithium Ion
  • High Capacity - 3,300 mAh

NEW: USB-C & Standard Charging Ports

Blade Type: Standard Tooth T-Blade – Zero-Gap Adjustable

Blade Coating: Stainless steel blade with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)/Titanium coating for high hardness & lower blade temperature

Housing: All-Metal Housing/Knurled Barbell Grip

Operation: Cordless or With Cord

Detent Hanging Hook


General Info About BaBylissPRO Clipper & Trimmer Blades

All the BaBylissPRO clipper and trimmer blades are made of Stainless Steel.

What differs from blade to blade is three things:

  1. Coating: Graphite, DLC, Titanium, or a combination
  2. Tooth Type (for trimmers): Standard Tooth, Deep Tooth, Fine Tooth
  3. Shape (for clippers): Taper Blade, Fade Blade, Wedge Blade

For more on BaBylissPRO clipper and trimmer blades, click here to see the Guide.





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