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Are you looking for a drug-free alternative to help re-grow your hair? Well you've stopped at the right place! Thinning hair affects both men and women of all ages and for many different reasons. Addressing thinning hair and hair loss begins with understanding why it is happening to you. The next step, is taking action!

At, SureThik we have developed a 3 Step System For Thinning Hair to help you take action. Our 3 Step Hair Thickening System are uniquely formulated, gender-specific products designed to effectively target the different concerns between men and women. The 3 steps include shampoo, conditioner and our popular ScalpTX+. The shampoo and conditioner combo uses a proprietary blend of nutrients and botanical ingredients that give a deep cleanse + a boost of nutrients to feed weak and thin hair. The final step is the ScalpTX+ which energizes the scalp to produce stronger, fuller and thicker looking hair using AnaGain, and RootBioTec. The 3 Step System will provide the best results when combined, however you can choose to use them separately.