Kasina Lash Adhesive - 7g -  Anti-Sensitive
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 Kasina  Lash Adhesive 

 Secure your eyelash extensions with the KASINA Strip-lash Adhesive. They're easy to set up so you can get on with your day. KASINA Strip-lash Adhesive has been compared to DUO and boomed as favorite of professional makeup artists for day by day. This white/clear Duo eyelash adhesive dries invisibly so you can use it with any color of makeup.

  • Provides strong, long-lasting hold for strip lashes.
  • Applies white and dries invisibly.
  • Easy to put on. Created for all-day wear.
  • Non toxic, No irritation, No odor. 0% Formaldehyde.
  • Non GMO. Cruelty free.