Original Marshmallows - Non-GMO - 150 g - by Cheery Chews Marsh & Marlow
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Vendor: Cheery Chews
Cheery Chews Marsh & Marlow Original Marshmallows
At Marsh & Marlow, we understand the importance of family values and the power
of togetherness. The time spent together with loved ones is always the sweetest,
and with our delicious marshmallows, we help kids and adults alike create happy
memories together.
Our fluffy marshmallows are not only delightful but are made with 100% Non-GMO
ingredients that are fat-free and gluten-free. Our scrumptious selection is available
in original and mixed fruit flavors, and come in regular and mini sizes to ensure we
have something for everyone!
They’re the perfect marshmallow for your next s’mores outing, drop them in a cup of
hot cocoa, topping for your favorite desserts, and more! They can even be enjoyed
as they are! Reach for a bag of our fluffy treats today and taste the difference with
Marsh & Marlow.

All Marsh & Marlow products made from non-GMO fruits and ingredients.

Marsh & Marlow Products are:

Gluten Free

Fat Free

100% Halal Certified