BaBylissPRO Grooming-to-Go Bag BBARBPK - For Clippers, Trimmers, & Barbering Accessories
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Introducing the BaByliss4Barbers Grooming-to-Go Bag, the first premium multifunctional and customizable bag for barbers and stylists. The bag makes it easy to take your essentials with you wherever you go. Sturdily constructed, with padded adjustable straps and multiple pockets and compartments, it keeps all your tools and accessories neatly organized, protected, and easily accessible. The removable mirror and compartment tray let you set up shop quickly at any workstation. Now you can take your BaBylissPRO tools anywhere you go.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple pockets and compartments to hold, clippers, trimmers, shavers, blow-dryers, shears, and much more
  • Padded sleeve to safely secure your laptop
  • Detachable mirror
  • Fully customizable main compartment with adjustable slots
  • Removable and convenient to use on a workstation
  • Embossed logo, fully padded adjustable straps, Babyliss4Barbers custom lining

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